Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Modern Toilet

Ok, don't think I'm crazy, but ever since I heard about this restaurant a few months ago, I can't stop thinking about it (2 thumbs up for the Travel Channel). Anyway, I figured if it made such an impression on me, maybe it'll make an impression on all of you too... so I'm going to share it, but please, don't think I'm crazy.

It's called Modern Toilet and it's a bathroom-themed chain restaurant that is based in Taiwan, but expanding into China and other parts of Asia too (There are 12 branches in total, currently). The seats are toilets, fancy, stylish and acrylic with the lid down, of course. The tables are a layer of glass with a sink underneath. And the BEST part is that the food comes in a a mini toilet bowl and the drinks come in a mini urinal! Also, the REAL BEST part (and this is what started it all), the soft-serve ice cream comes to you in a dish shaped like a squat toilet!

Before Modern Toilet was a full restaurant, its owner, Wang Zi-wei, 29, had an ice cream shop that began selling chocolate ice cream swirls on paper squat toilets with tons of success. He got the idea for it from a Japanese robot cartoon character, Jichiwawa, who loved to play with poop. Grossly awesome, yes?

According to this article in TIME, the restaurant's menu includes curries, pasta, and fried chicken, as well as several shaved-ice desserts with gross names that are just a teeny bit too descriptive (read the article).

When I saw this on the Travel Channel I immediately thought, "If the dining room is full of toilets, what's in the bathroom?" Actually it made me a little bit anxious to think about, but luckily the restaurant does have proper bathrooms and they are, apparently, very well marked (so no mistakes). However don't think you'll get to wash your hands in a regular sink. Nope, their sinks are in toilets too.

Want to see more pictures? Here's some on Fun Fever, and here's some on Spot Cool Stuff Travel.

I hope one of these restaurants comes to New York! Otherwise, does anyone want to go to Taiwan?

Oh, and folding chairs and normal dishware are available if you really can't handle all the toilets. But what's the fun in that?!


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