Friday, May 25, 2012

More Beautiful Libraries from Around the World

A few months ago I made a post called 10 of the Most Beautiful Libraries and Bookshops to Visit on Your Travels. Well, library-lovers, today we can admire more of these international beauties. This time we'll look by continent, thanks to

First, they've listed 15 Spectacular Libraries in Europe. This list includes 1 library in Ireland, 2 in England, 1 in France, 1 in Spain, 1 in Portugal, 2 in the Netherlands, 1 in Switzerland, 3 in Austria, 1 in Germany, and 2 in the Czech Republic. Take a look at the link above and just scroll through the pictures. Is your library this beautiful? Have you ever been to any of these landmarks?

Next, there are 11 Fabulous Libraries in South America. This includes 2 in Brazil, 1 in Chile, 3 in Peru, 1 in Costa Rica, and 4 in Columbia. Click the link above and look at how beautiful these structures are both inside and out. I would love to sit down in any of these, but especially the EPM Library in Colombia. That one looks so cozy.

Lastly, and closest to home, they've looked at 10 Amazing North American Libraries. These have 2 located in Canada, 2 in Mexico, and 6 in the USA. Click the link above and see if you've been to any of these famous libraries. I've been to the Central Library of Vancouver, Canada and the Stephen A. Schwarzman Library, USA.

These all look so beautiful! What's the nicest library you've ever been to?

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