Friday, January 11, 2013

John Green's "An Evening of Awesome"

This coming Tuesday, January 15, author John Green and his brother, Hank, will present “An Evening of Awesome” at Carnegie Hall. This will be a speaking event (also with musical guests, The Mountain Goats) to mark the 1-year anniversary of his most recent, and probably most famous, book, The Fault In Our Stars.

But you can be in the audience right from home via livestreaming video and various Tumblr meetup events! You may or may not know, but John Green has long been known for keeping in contact with his fan base (aka the Nerdfighters) through various forms of social media, and he has said that Tumblr is his social media platform of choice.

There are two opportunities for participation: the livestream event on January 15, and an Ultimate John Green Trivia Challenge, which will run the weekend of January 19-20. All the questions for the Trivia Challenge are fan-sourced from Green’s Tumblr (you can submit a question here!).

Updates and information about how to attend or organize an event can be found on Penguin Teen’s Tumblr and John Green’s Tumblr.

You can read the full article about these "awesome" events at Publishers Weekly by clicking here.

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