Friday, May 24, 2013

Everyone's E-Birthday!

Happy eBirthday to you! YES, YOU!

Mo Willems is the creator of today's holiday (everyone's eBirthday) and talks about it on his blog today. It all started many years ago:

In error, somebody once posted on some website that Mo Willems was "an Italian who was born on May 24." This is not the case (He was actually born in February), but for some reason, it stuck. Since then, Mo Willems has been recieving birthday wishes in his fan mail every May 24th for years! So he decided to declare it his eBirthday! But not only his eBirthday-- Everyone's eBirthday! So today, we can all consider ourselves Italians (or eTalian) who were born May 24! And we can have a birthday ice cream!

So have a great eBirthday, everybody!

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